Our Services

Computer Maintenance, Support, & Services for Every Need

At New Century Computer Services, we’re here to meet your computer needs with ease. Call on the experts and gain peace of mind that you’re in good hands. We’re proud to live in and serve North Central Kansas. We offer a variety of computer repair needs, including:

Computer Repair Services

A broken computer can be a frustrating event, but don’t let it stop you in your tracks. Give us a call for fast and effective help that can get your machine back up and running. We can even tap in remotely for instant feedback with your computer. Contact us today to learn more.

Maintenance Plans

Receive incidental maintenance, remote assistance, phone support, troubleshooting and consultations. Computer maintenance and service calls are performed remotely whenever possible. Hardware failures and viral infections that prevent network connectivity will require in shop repairs.

New PC Setup

Setting up a new device? Don’t struggle through the headache, let us help instead. Contact us to learn more about setting up your new PC, including new programs and services to help add function and security. Schedule your PC setup today.

New & Used Computer Sales

Looking for a used or new computer? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a gamer looking for a faster rig, or a parent wanting a simple home computer for your young one, we offer new and used computers tailored to your specific needs. Ask us what we can do for you today!

Data Backup & Recovery

If you’ve experienced hardware malfunctions, viruses, software issues, or accidental deletions, data recovery services are available to try and recover lost files. Also, we can help you backup or transfer files safely. Gain peace of mind with your data, and recover what was lost with the help of our smart tech and skilled hands.

Hardware Upgrades

Add function and speed to your computer with the addition of a hardware upgrade. We can help you determine the best software to meet your needs, then get it in good working order. Find out how your system can improve its performance when you call us today.

Laptop Screen Repair

Busted laptop screen? No problem. At New Century Computer Services, we’re highly trained in screen replacement, including laptops of all makes and models. Let us clear up your view and provide a new, functioning screen in no time. Schedule your next screen replacement today.

Malware & Virus Removal

If your computer receives pop-ups or is experiencing erratic behavior, it may be infected with a virus, spyware, or malware. Let us help to remove these potentially dangerous programs from your device and get it secure. We can also restore your device and reinstall the operating system, if needed.

System Install or Upgrade

Ready to upgrade to a new model? Look no further, we’ll help you from start-to-finish. From choosing the best system for your needs, to firing it up and getting your new computer working, we’re there every step of the way. Contact us with all of your computer installation or upgrade questions today.


If you own several computers in your home or business, we can help create ease of access through computer networking. Link your devices together to share an Internet connection, printer service, documents, and digital files like videos and images. Add ease of access with a smart computer networking plan to your devices.


If you’re having problems with your computer, we can help locate the cause of your troubles. Whether you can’t connect to the Internet, have a printer that just won’t work, or have other configuring issues, we’re here to solve your issue quickly and effectively. Call New Century Computer Services today at 785-280-0500 for all of your computer needs.


We provide professional technical advice to companies for computer hardware, software, installation, and repair areas. Let us answer all of your computer questions so you can gain trusted advice about your next moves. Contact us today to learn more.

Computer Forensics

When legal matters come into play, don’t worry about what may or may not be on a computer. Know the facts. We’ll help you access information on computers or harddrives so it can be used for evidence in various legal matters. We use the latest tech and skilled methods to dig deep, even finding information that someone might have worked hard to delete or hide deep within their device’s software. Contact us for your computer forensic needs today.